ui / prototype / game • Mar 2015

Trapezoid Box 360

Holographic breakout-style game for cocktail cabinets

WebGL-based video game projected from 4-player cocktail cabinet.

11.75” x 11.75” x 5”


Trapezoid Box 360 was a project that we started when we were given the chance to develop a game for UCLA Game Lab's cocktail table. This game was one of the few chances we got to collaborate outside of class to create something fun.

Concept & Inspiration

Trapezoid box 360 is an adaptation breakout-style games to take advantage of the cocktail cabinet’s unique hardware.
Designed to with 4 player joysticks on all four sides of the table, we made an acrylic frustrum to reflect the image of the screen to create the illusion of a holographic image. The game itself also plays with the concept of color theory as it was designed as an asymmetric game where Red, Green, and Blue have to beat before Alpha fades them into obscurity.

Inspiration for Trapezoid Box 360


Trapezoid Box 360 was exhibited in a game lab exhibition. It was also adapted for a Tizen hackathon, where it won the grand prize.

Github | Video