product / prototype / ux • Mar 2014


Concept for a shared physical notification tool

Acrylic, Wood

20'' x 20'' x 1''


MIN.IT is a concept clock that runs on processing and uses computer webcam to recognize post-its placed around the clock as input to trigger notifications. MIN.IT stands for Minimal, Intuitive Notification system with Integrated Time, and was designed to be a collaborative tool for multiple applications. This system creates a physical space where people can share their schedules at work, at home, in a club, or even for a family.

Design & Process

MIN.IT is minimally designed in order to fit into the workflow of any environment. The setup of MIN.IT comprises of a webcam connected to a computer, and a clock with an hour hand. MIN.IT detects colors and can be calibrated for different lighting. Prior prototypes used color to determine the angle of clock hands to determine the time.

MIN.IT can function solely based on image

Future Applications

The technology behind MIN.IT can also have other applications, such as creating a communication platform for a shared group of people without the need of technology.
By creating a bridge between the virtual and the physical world, MIN.IT could allow people who may not be able to use technology to notify someone by simply pasting a post it note onto the wall. By adding additional markers, MIN.IT could also be used as a communication tool between shared groups to get notifications about schedules or events.